Employee benefits remain the second highest expense in almost all organizations.  We take the time to listen, research, evaluate and deliver programs that make the most sense for you on budget.  Communicating and educating your employees is vital to the programs success.

Using 360 Team Integration needs analysis and Quality Care Assurance, we maximize benefit spend and support for all members of your team.

360 Team Integration

We want you to have not only quality partners, but partners that work for your culture and your team.

  • Taking the time to listen.  We want to know what’s most important to your company and understand your culture, not just an evaluation of your medical benefits spend.  Your company’s program should be unique to your needs.
  • Completing a thorough evaluation. We want to review what tools, resources and programs are already in place and know what is working and where there are gaps.
  • Making recommendations based on your budget, goals, and vision. We will help you with finding the best mix of programs to support a healthier, thriving working environment to make sure the money you are investing in these programs is well spent.
  • Creating a communication strategy specific to your team.  Communication is a key element to the success of any program. Your employees need to know when, where and how to use resources.  We work to understand the cultures within your culture to help you better target messaging and get you better engagement for your program.
  • Assisting in implementing your strategy and training your team.  Adding a good program isn’t enough.  It needs to be integrated into you long-term business strategy and you need your people to know how to sustain it over time.

Quality Care Assurance  

It is important to us that everyone in your organization has access to top advocacy services and claims administration.  Sample of Services Offered:

  • Dedicated Back Office HR Support – calls and emails acknowledged and initial resolution inquiry made within 2 hours.
  • Employee Portal – Vital Information and Resources:  forms, benefit summaries, critical contact information, healthy resources
  • Health Advocate – Personal, professional award-winning health advocacy programs help members navigate complex healthcare and insurance-related issues, saving them both time and money.
  • 1-800MD – Cost effective alternative to non-emergent Emergency Room visits, Urgent Care Clinic visits or the inconvenience of traveling to a scheduled appointment with your Primary Care Physician (PCP), during and after normal business hours, from home, office or during travels.
  • WorldCare Access – Arranges to confirm your diagnosis, provide treatment recommendations and answer your questions. Remote second opinions are completed by teams of specialists at WorldCare Consortium® hospitals and delivered directly to you and your doctor along with the information needed to make informed decisions with greater confidence.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) –  Assists employees with personal problems and/or work-related problems that may impact their job performance, health, mental and emotional well-being.*Plans are customized on need.
  • HRA, HSA, & FSA Utilization Reports – Both aggregate reporting for administration and individual reporting for employees.