Making Benefits a Benefit


Employers have faced 20 years of double digit rate increase. Employees are not happy with the increase in out of pocket costs. Without implimenting a company supported change future renewals will only cost shift.  Prevention is key to lowering or avoiding large future claims.  We will work with you to design a program that fits the needs of the organization and the culture.

Popular Programs:

Worksite Flu Vaccinations,  Walking programs, Nutritional Assessment, Biometric Screenings, PCP Incentive Programs.

  • “Nelnet asks departing employees in exit interviews what they will miss most. The #1 Answer: the wellness program.”  Harvard Business Review


  • Consider, for instance, when MD Anderson became the first health care organization to earn gold-standard accreditation from the CEO Roundtable on Cancer. Earning the accreditation is no small task: It requires tobacco-free work sites, benefit plans that cover recommended cancer screenings, assistance to employees with cancer in entering appropriate clinical trials, and investment in workers’ physical activity and nutrition. Many people throughout the organization view this commitment as a badge of honor.  HBD


  • Health care is a monumental issue for employers, and too much is at stake to be reactive. It’s time for companies to play offense rather than defense. A verifiable payback isn’t certain, and the journey can be arduous. But what is the alternative?



  •   7 companies with amazingly unique wellness programs     




Sample Wellness Benefit Summaries include wellness assessments, nutritional assessments, $300 Gym after 6 months and 1 point drop in Body Mass Index, Walk 10 miles a week for 4 months and 1 point in BMI. $100. Group Sports $300 3 months (keeps season managable, employee organized, leadership and team building)