Interesting FAQ

1)   Q. What is your service commitment?

A. We remember you are the client and value your business. Our commitment is 365 days not just at renewal.  Using our model, your Human Resources Staff has less involvement with claims and billing administration; allowing them more time to focus on higher priority company goals and projects. 

 2)  Q. Are there ways to lower costs without cost-shifting?

A. Yes!  There are many ways to lower cost without cost shifting.  They are easy to implement, understand and communicate.  You still use your current carrier.  

3)  Q. Why are our rates so high?

A. The complexity of this answer is immense and all rates are a partial and/or direct reflection of your organization’s population and utilization.  Understanding the ‘why?’ is critical to combating the upward trends.  

4) Q. Can we keep our current plan?

A. Yes, I am not going to tell you otherwise, unless regulations change.  An ongoing evaluation for the right plan does not mean a plan change is immediately required.  Let us show you and explain all your options to ensure proper plan design and renewal strategies.

5)   Q. Is Obamacare being repealed?

A. The simple answer, no.  Entitlement programs rarely are repealed. But we are gaining a sense of the restructuring with inclusion of: Pre-X and dependent care to age 26. Expect future changes and stay on top of them with Synurture.

6)   Q. Will ACA tax repeal impact my rates?

A. ACA Employer Mandated Tax impacts your individual rate as much as 4%.  That does not take into account the labor, if any, used to file and complete required reporting. It is our job to evaluate your situation as it pertains to tax liabilities as legislation changes, and not just wait to see what the renewal delivers. Synurture estimates this happening by the end of 2017.

7)   Q.  What is AddWell Rewards?

A. AddWell Rewards is a wellness plan.  This product compliments all major medical carriers. Ideally, this is implemented off-renewal.  Your AddWell Rewards benefits are based upon your culture, goals and budget. See HR Analysis tab.

8)   Q. What are Level Funded Medical Plans?

A. Level funded medical plans are becoming more common with the skyrocketing costs of insurance. Simply: they are a hybrid or a stepping stone between fully insured and self insured.  There is 12 month rate lock with premium rebate potential.  You will know with certainty: your year-long rate stability, benefit from knowing your utilization and proper employer understanding is needed .

9)   Q.  What resources does Synurture provide staff?

A. All members of staff have a dedicated professional claims, referral, billing negotiation representative at a bare minimum.  Our client’s needs are evalutated and reviewed together and the proper most appropriate services are implemented based on your specific client needs.  From the common cold to cost management of long-term dialysis and more, we have resources to supplement chronic disease and pain management.  See HR Analysis tab.

10)   Q. Do you provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

A. Yes, we are licensed professionals that return calls and emails from ALL staff to help point them in the right direction of the providers they need.  See HR Analysis tab.

11)   Q. Do EAPs work?

A. If they are promoted yes.  Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are usually included as part of a Long Term Disability (LTD) Group contract.  If you have LTD for your company chances are you have an “add-on” EAP which typically includes unlimited telephonic referrals and in some contracts 3 face to face visits. 

12)   Q. Will you put the “fun” back in benefits?

A. Yes, that’s our job. Using streamlined technologies, effective communication, and your creative mind: ‘we got this’!  The God Father of Fun will help. See HR Analysis tab.