Our Goal: Tie your mission statement, efficiently and effectively, through your benefit programs to the bottom-line by attracting and retaining the best talent while keeping you compliant.  

How is Synurture different?  Together, We Care For All.  

Your company offers benefits to attract and retain the best employees.  These employees are your greatest company asset. Synurture offers more options for existing benefit programs and budgets!  And we deliver with the highest level of integrity: simply and effectively.

                             Best Benefits + Best Talent = Best Company

Let’s face it, health insurance remains the second largest expense for employers.  There are many years where the company receives double-digit rate increases. And many employees appreciate it only as out-of-pocket, out-of-paycheck. 

Listening, Knowledge, Experience, and Communication empowers “US” to finely tune benefits that truly attract and retain talent with:

  • 360 TEAM INTEGRATION:  With a better understanding of your company’s goals, culture, and budget, Synurture will develop a  strategy using efficient communication to support your human resources needs.  This comprehensive process begins with an audit of your Benefit Programs and Human Resources processes with a graded report.
  • Complete market analysis: including alternative funding options: HRA and HSA.  The costs of insurance programs are too high not to consider all available and compliant options for companies.
  • Human Capital Management: Finding you the best talent is critical.  Showing you how to properly set-up internal processes to cut costs is efficient.
  •  Wellness programsIncrease benefits while keeping your current plan(s). Simple, easy to understand, practical, effective and tailored to work with your budget.

Synurture knows: you invest a lot of money in your people and benefits, you deserve a superior return.  Fine tuning company benefit plans varies depending on your corporate culture. Let’s take a moment and make sure the message from the top is clearly heard throughout your organization and your benefits reinforce the message.

While benefit costs are a major concern, Synurture recognizes a demand for a complete solution and our team is ready to work with yours.  We will utilize our resources to bring you superior benefits, compliment recruitment efforts, evaluate technologies and processes, simplify and reduce administration, and make sure you are labor law compliant.

Michael Geary founded the company in 2005. He is an experienced Consultant and insurance negotiator. Through rigorous vetting and recognizing the complex needs of businesses, Synurture evolved to deliver our clients the knowledge, support, and technologies to meet all your organization’s Human Resources needs.

Personally, he has degrees in Economics and Business Management. Additionally, he is a member of the International Economic Honor Society and a National Association of Health Underwriters. While in college, he had the pleasure of studying in Australia. Originally from Boston, the family moved to West Chester in 2008 . When not working, Michael enjoys spending time with his two daughters, Alison and Catharine. And for relaxation, he enjoys sailing, skiing, cooking, travel, cycling, and fishing.